Constanza + Jack

Love, loved the venue chosen for this event.  There is just so much to experience as a guest here!  Beautiful production, creative direction, and styling by VLD Events.  The Picquette Avenue Plant.  It was the first manufacturing facility Henry Ford actually owned (not rented) and was the birth place of the Model T.  In fact, I loved it so much that, later in the season I returned with the family to formally tour and embrace this pivotal part of history that helped make Detroit the Motor City.  Henry Ford was an amazing man--never giving up, never giving in.  Early on in his career, the only thing he owned were his ideas.  There is a safe in the office recreated at the plant that was not for cash, or valuables, it was for Henry's blueprints.  His ideas turned designs.  All images are mine from this September day but for the first by the talented Julie Pepin.